Years ago thousands of Cherokee people were forced on a brutal 1000 mile march - The Trail of Tears. This injustice resulted in the abuse, exploitation and deaths of thousands. The world continues to put people on this march filled with injustice, pain and exploitation. Many today are leaving a Trail of Tears, Tears that go unnoticed. Falling onto eyes to not see, covered ears to not hear, covered months to not speak, for tens of thousands forced into their grief and pain without comfort or hope. We say good morning or good night and for a lot of us it is, even with our problems we face. We are free to read this, wake up in our own homes, go to a job we may like or dislike, but we are free to do so. But there are hundreds of thousands that this day is just another continuation of a Trail of Tears, a nightmare of drugs, malnutrition, sexual diseases, suicide, sexual abuse and violence. A seemingly life of no escape, no hope, for 30 million people in this world, but this life is not just in some far off country, but right here in America, nor is it just in big cities, but in small towns and communities, maybe not for the sell but to find these victims of some 300,000 women and children in America, forced, blackmailed, threatened into being bought and sold into slavery of sexual exploitation for the financial gain of 32 billion dollars a year for traffickers and pimps.

You may wonder what all this has to do with Rolling Church Ministries or even what is may have to do with God. Rolling Church Ministries is a vision seeded by God inside a person who has lived in a life of a trafficker. The vision is 1 of freedom, freedom from slavery, abuse and guilt for prey and predator. The chain of slavery may be around the ankle of 1, but the other end is around the neck of the other, both are victims 1 physical, the other spiritual. Every 27 seconds someone somewhere is being sold into the world of slavery of prey or predator. There are more people today exploited, enslaved than at any other time in history.

God never intended for 1 person to own another, or for a person to be beaten into preforming perverted sex acts. For some 300,000 women and children here in America life expectancy of only 2 to7 years their Trail of Tears go unnoticed, day by day, month by month, year by year. Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? (Psalms 94: 16). Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die (Proverbs 31: 8). Human trafficking is an attack on human life, a creation of God's. God created life for a holy purpose not to be taken and sold as a commodity for unholy acts and purposes. Rolling Church Ministries is one of these forces, not just to speak and bring awareness, but to engage physically and violently if and when necessary and will be the voice of the victims in their Trail of Tears, openly, the only secret is the victim’s name, place, and what they were forced to do. Through God's strength, and grace we will go forward in this battle against one of the darkest human rights violations to exist to God and man.

Human trafficking goes on by unawareness, blindness or the failure to acknowledge it exists by a society, or and by objectifying and commodifying another human being with a label such as whore, slut, lot lizard, etc. These terms help the objectification process of a person to a subclass, reducing a person to a product. This allows for their abuse and exploitation. We can make conscious changes by how we talk, what we view and what we allow to be acceptable treatment of another person according to God's word and by hearing their cries and noticing their Trail of Tears by not looking the other way and acknowledging that sexual slavery does exist. A selling of a person is the fastest growing criminal activity and only second in size to drug trafficking. Out of 10 women you see on the streets selling themselves 9 don't want to be there, 7 of those 9 are there by force through the fear of physical harm or blackmail. Prostitution is not a career, its one person controlling another with fear. As one that has lived this life as a recruiter in trafficking for 9 to 10 years with the ghosts of some 200 to 300 victims, I have seen the reality of life for these girls. But through God's ability to make a new creation, I have seen the mercy and forgiveness of God's grace, take the evil and change it for the purpose of good, to heal and restore a victim of prey or predator back into a holy purpose from their Trail of Tears. These numbers of 100s of thousands and millions are mind numbing. But what if, these numbers was reduced to one (your sister, your wife, your daughter) would it then become personal, would it then become real? Rolling Church Ministries, its purpose is for the search, rescue and awareness of human trafficking; their Trail of Tears. 

"Tragedy, Conviction, Redemption" is a labor of love that holds a very special place in our hearts.  This film shows the reality of human trafficking and the redemption that is possible with Jesus.  We at The Rolling Church feel like we have the best team in the world, as this video was made entirely with volunteers.  For more information please look around our site, or contact us through the information provided on the contact page.  We pray you will be affected by this video in a profound way and that you will be blessed by it.